Version: 0.9.20 (Date: 2007/8/31)


- New: Tombstones and elemental altars with realm architecture.
- New: Teleport scroll (Premium). This item allows our character to be teletransported to a specific city or location.
- New: Trader signposts.
- New: Repair Hammer (Premium). This item allows the player to repair all the items on the inventory.
- New: Shields for sale up to level 50.
- New: In-game Map of the whole territory [Press Key M].
- Updated: Knight armor level 50 graphic.
- Fixed: Several quests fixed (from the three realms).
- Fixed: Several map problems corrected (holes, collision, etc).

- New: Icon in active powers displays its duration (tiny green bar below).
- New: Protector [Knight - Shields](Previously Magic Rebound).
- New: Dirty Fighting [Archer - Tricks].
- New: Darkness [Warlock - Necromancy].
- New: Blood Drinker [Conjurer - Summoning].
- New: Protection dome [Mage - Staff mastery].
- New: Vital Surrender [Conjurer - Life].
- New: Escapist [Archer - Evasion) (Previously Blame).
- Fixed: Magma blast constant damage correction.
- Fixed: Confuse (Archer - Tricks).
- Fixed: A player cannot cast any spells or attack while disconnecting.
- Fixed: Divine intervention now allows the caster to be affected by self and ally spells.
- Fixed: Any spell or item that affects mana/health maximum now takes into consideration the current percentage. I.e.: If my health bar is at half and I cast Troll Skin, my health will be exactly at the same percentage as before (50%).
- Fixed: Sadistic Guards.
- Fixed: Vampirism, Soul Keeper, Ethereal Arrow and several other spells that did direct damage were not giving any experience.
- Fixed: Vampirism and Soul Keeper maximum drain now depends on the caster health amount. I.e.: if the caster lacks 200 health points to reach its maximum, he will drain 200 points even if the spells would take more.
- Updated: Spell descriptions corrections in English.
- Fixed: If you disconnect inside a fort or castle, you will appear outside next time you logon.
- Fixed: Our character sometimes would appear with the inventory unequipped.
- Fixed: Icons of the active powers where displayed incorrectly. Sometimes they would appear or hide erroneously.
- Fixed: Now, some auras have a visual effect for affected characters (players, monsters or npcs).
- Fixed: Characters don't get unmounted when they enter an offensive aura effect from allies.
- Fixed: Quick bar gets stored when detects changes. (This reduces chances of losing them under crash/forced closing)

- Wild spirit percentages adjusted.
- Knock down resistance related to constitution is now halved (Before: By / 2 Now: By / 4).
- South Cross and Ripost have a slightly increased damage and mana cost adjustments.
- Damage strength bonus for Knights reduced by 25%. Other factors such as current weapon or spells are not affected by this.
- Ambush cooldown decreased from 60 to 30 seconds.
- Surprise attack now lasts 10 seconds more.
- Slow now has 5% aditional reduction and its duration went down to 30 seconds.
- Arrows price decreased from 2.5X to 1.0X.

- Fixed: Spell descriptions now appear fully.
- Fixed: Some map objects were not being loaded.
- Fixed: Terrain missing stripes (Finally!).
- Fixed: Mouse click hotspot glitch on Windows Vista.

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