Version: 1.27.3

(Date: 2020/8/8)


- Added: Invasions balance level shown in the map with details about the current level, if any.
- Added: Alternative combat music. Can be activated in the Options interface. This is to test the music track and get feedback about it.
- Added: New Warzone Boss. Aurus Nightshade is a bandit, son of pirates that were forced out of the sea and is always followed by his thugs. He is taking care of a treasure chest and you must kill him to open it.
- It appears randomly every 2 to 6 hours in the Warzone.
- Rewards include Magnanites, Lucky Boxes and Aurus Corsair Saber.
- Added: Other available subclasses to be selected in the Dungeons tab in the Community interface. These will be shown to the dungeon party creator.
- Added: Premium Dungeon match maker. Access the Dragon Dungeon from wherever you are. Still needs tickets, availability (gems and invasions) and can be used once every 24 hours.
- Modified: Stash Carrier model. It is now a troll creature with a bag in its back.
- Modified: Old unique clothing items can now be stashed both in character and account stashes.
- Modified: Enemy Essence item now can be deleted.
- Fixed: German text for Tenax dungeon in Dungeons tab.
- Fixed: Stash Carrier not going away when the stash use is finished.
- Fixed: Getting stuck between two rocks at:
- Menirah's Surroundings.
- Withering Heights.
- Fixed: Players being lured to a location that could make them drown under a bridge between Aggersborg and Herbred and near it as well.
- Fixed: Teleport Scroll cannot be used if the player was recently under combat.
- Fixed: Mindsquasher was not cancelling the spells in the correct order in some specific cases.
- Fixed: Angel wings showing different colors.
- Fixed: Two handed execution spear scale was incorrect.
- Fixed: Reward armour of the Elite Guard Training quest in Ignis had visual errors.
- Fixed: Text in Squid Island's Ignis quest was not set for one of the objectives.
- Fixed: NPC Nienna in Korsum wearing warrior armour as an archer.

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