Version: 1.27.2 (Date: 2020/7/8)


- Fixed: Stunning a player while they were jumping made them get stuck in the air.
- Fixed: Tree bridge couldn't be easily crossed in Myil Forest.
- Fixed: Terrain malformations in Meleketi's beach.
- Fixed: Players getting stuck: - Between two rocks in North Cliff.
- Between rocks in Plateaus Passage.
- In Algaros' rock cliff.
- Between two rocks in Arvanna's Valley.
- In a hole in Arvanna's Woods North.
- Behind a house in Korsum.
- In a rock in Alexia's Domains.
- Inside a puddle in the Swamp area.
- Fixed: Invasion dragons not attacking at the realm gates.
- Fixed: In the character selection menu, sometimes the realm selection background was shown instead of the player's characters.
- Fixed: Founding Fathers Clothing and Libertador Clothing could not be used with the Paint Preview feature in merchants.
- Modified: Change Gender item now also shows premium skins for Lamai race characters.
- Modified: New sound for Unstoppable Madness. Its old sound was mistakenly added, as it is originally Alasthor's idle growl.
- Modified: Invasions Balance. The level of the Dragon's power will depend on the current balance level. By default, the power level is 1.
- Balance level 4: Dragon power level 2.
- Balance level 5: Dragon power level 3.
- Balance level 6: Dragon power level 4.
- Modified: Dungeons tab in the Community interface.
- Now it is possible to select each Dungeon you are available for (Alasthor, Tenax and/or Vesper).
- You can't set yourself as available if you don't have enough tickets for the Dungeon.
- You can't set yourself as available if you have completed the desired Dungeon recently.
- You will not appear as available while you have a pending invitation. Cancelling it will show you again as available without needing to set it again.
- Show current amount of tickets.
- Added: Possibility to ban players from the Dungeons for a short amount of time (30 minutes). This will be applied after a few days that the players get used to the fully functioning "Available for Dungeons" feature. It lets you know it was because of spamming chat channels with what should be done setting yourself as available.

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