Version: 1.26.3 (Date: 2020/3/31)


- Modified: Cancelling a current craft will give back 3/4 of the Gold or Warmaster Coins.
- Fixed: Items with uses sold in the Auction House did not transfer the correct uses left.
- Modified: Zombie Artefact's spawn has a 10 minute timeout now.
- Added: Purple Fever 2020 event.
- The event consists on 4 quests, 3 of them repeatable. To be found in the main city's entrance or in the wall inside gate. Templar NPCs give them.
- Inside the realm, there will be Mushrooms and Tree Stumps to collect items needed for the quests.
- In the War Zone, the horde of Gargoyles comes every hour and a half and those stay until eliminated.
- When the horde comes, there is a 30 minute window for everyone to compete to earn Magnanites as a prize. There are prizes for the first 10 places.
- The plague is temporarily avoided by using the Soap item given in the quests. Also, it is removed with the Medicine item also provided through questing.
- The progress of the infection gets to 100% when at least half of the realm's population is infected. This causes an outbreak.
- Having an outbreak causes the realm's gates to be vulnerable for 1 hour. This can be reverted by controlling the outbreak curing allies with the Medicine.
- When a realm suffers many outbreaks, the proportion of infected players needed to have an outbreak gets higher, avoiding a realm to be constantly vulnerable. This resets every day.
- Multirealming players will not be taken into account if infected.
- Added: Premium Templar clothing.

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