Version: 1.26.1 (Date: 2020/2/14)


- Modified: Being idle in-game for 10 minutes sends you to the character selection screen. You can cancel it if you see the countdown.
- Fixed: Using the right click of the mouse was causing problems with the character's camera.
- Modified: Ice Blast. Movement speed reduction duration is now 1 second. Description has been updated.
- Modified: Berserk. Duration is now 90 seconds. Cooldown is now 50 seconds. Mana cost is now 100/130/160/180/200.
- Modified: Colossus. Mana cost reduced to 50/80/110/130/150.
- Modified: Paladin's Aid. Cannot be casted while Precise Block is active.
- Modified: Precise Block. Cannot be casted while Paladin's Aid is active.
- Fixed: Mass Pricking Ivy. Problems with casting due to waiting for weapon interval.
- Fixed: Ignis' Vigilance Towers collision that allows players to enter without destroying the barricade.
- Fixed: Part of Syrtis' Wall in which players could relog and appear above it.
- Fixed: Ximerin for "Finish Now" feature of Crafting was not being given back in experimental servers.
- Fixed: Using Companions to avoid showing visual effects of buffs.
- Fixed: Teleporter to Squid Island in Fisgael level limits.
- Fixed: Teleporting back from Squid Island wasn't taking you back to Rottersvall when you initally came from there.
- Fixed: When trying to stash a stackable item, the total count was not being calculated with the same kind of item but with one already in the stash that had the current maximum amount.
- Modified: Limits for stackable items in the Character and Account Stashes. Basic Stash comes with a maximum of 500. Large Account or Character Stash provides a maximum of 2500. Major Account or Character Stash provides a maximum of 10000.
- Added: Large and Major Character Stash scrolls available to be purchased with Warmaster Coins. Sold by Bedwig Springrill in Montsognir, Bolius Flipbink in Altaruk and Wizwood Tonktink in Fisgael.
- Fixed: After a long session of grinding, some loot would not appear in the inventory even if they were mentioned in the combat log. When relogging, there was only one of all of those.
- Fixed: Inventory item limit (different items, not stackable amount) of 300 was not being properly applied and also not informed when reached. Premium items are not being counted.
- Modified: Inventory item limit is now different depending on the level of the character. Levels 1-9: 50. 10-19: 75. 20-29: 100. 30-39: 125. 40-49: 150. 50-59: 200. 60: 300. The rest of the current items will not show. Move, delete or stash items for the rest to appear after relogging.
- Fixed: Alasthor, Tenax and Vesper armor pieces had different weight values.
- Fixed: When a Red Necromancer Crystal is depleted, if a power has to be fully removed, then it couldn't be levelled up again after activating a new Crystal.
- Fixed: Using activable spells to hide visual effects from constant spells.

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