Version: 1.26

(Date: 2019/11/28)


- Modified: Necrostacy is not raised in Squid Island.
- Modified: Access to Squid Island is from levels 1 to 30 now. (Next stage will allow until level 60 too).
- Modified: Entering Squid Island applies a spell that balances attributes to a similar value for everyone.
- Modified: Equipment can't be changed inside Squid Island.
- Added: Three capturable towers in Squid Island. When the three are captured, the zone is marked as "dominated" for a period of time, in which towers can't be captured.
- Added: Zepellins and NPCs to access Squid Island from the main city and first two towns.
- Fixed: Mind Squasher was not cancelling spells as intended.
- Added: Second access for Imperia castle, named Hammerstar's Passage and located at the west side of the castle's peninsulae.
- Fixed: Soul Monger instance being terminated just after the chest was spawned.
- Fixed: Premium armor and premium weapons weight changed to 50 grams.
- Added: Counter for the current amount of items being auctioned and the current limit.
- Added: Extra Auction Slot premium item. Adds one more slot to sell in the Auction House.
- Fixed: Jumping outside Menirah fort without being killed.
- Fixed: Jumping from tower at Eferias without being killed.
- Fixed: Jumping inside Ignis' vigilance towers climbing a column.
- Fixed: Using the dragon skeleton in Ignis' desert to attack Tokmo without being attacked.
- Modified: Drain attribute now calculates percentages over the current attribute and not the maximum value. (Affects only Energy Borrow).
- Modified: Red Necromancer Crystal recipe can be destroyed.
- Modified: Magma Blast. Damage is now 200-240/260-330/350-430/450-540/580-680. Damage over time is now 25/30/35/40/50 Base (non-reducible) and 25/30/35/40/50 Fire (reducible).
- Modified: Ice Blast. Damage over time is now 70-100/90-120/110-140/130-160/170-200 Ice. Added Movement Speed -5%/-10%/-15%/-20%/-30% with a duration of 3 seconds. Cast time reduced to 1 second.
- Modified: Mana Burn. The mana that is burned and converted into damage is now 25% less than the generated damage.
- Modified: Sultar's Devouring Mass. Duration is now 12 seconds. Damage over time is now 33*3/42*3/50*3/58*3/70*3 Slashing, Piercing and Blunt. Added Health Regeneration -15%/-30%/-45%/-60%/-100%. Cooldown reduced to 120 seconds.
- Modified: Beast Wrath. Duration raised to 60 seconds. Cooldown raised to 60 seconds.

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