Version: 1.24.2 (Date: 2019/5/7)


- Fixed: Extraplanar Bond was not having the intended effect.
- Fixed: Low Profile was cancelling all positive spells when the casting was interrupted.
- Fixed: Fire Arrow was delaying to be casted.
- Added: Shadow to Power Tooltip level text over the icon.
- Fixed: Mind Squasher was dispelling Companions.
- Modified: Soul Monger's chest rewards. The chances are enhanced by the Loot Bonus scrolls.
1 Soul Monger Vial: 100% Chance.
2 Soul Monger Vials: Medium Chance.
1 Bronze surprise magic gem: Low Chance.
1 Platinum Lucky Box: Small Chance.
1 Ancient Soul Breath: Small Chance.
- Added: Quickbar buttons to bindable keys in Controls Options.
- Added: Keys "11" and "12" for Quickbar slots 11 and 12. These keys are the next 2 after 0, depending on the keyboard locale. (Just Windows, for now) - Fixed: Screenshot Quality was appearing in Advanced Options and also the slider was not disabled when choosing PNG format (it is uncompressed, so no quality setting is involved).
- Fixed: Divine Protection was delaying to be casted.



- Modified: Acrobatic. Removed Resist Magical Damage.
Acrobatic has always been the top choice to defend against damage dealers as an "always-on" spell. To make the class more tactical, the player will have to choose wisely when to use Spell Elude or Acrobatic now.
- Modified: Finesse. Cooldown is now 40 seconds. Mana cost is now 70/100/130/160/190. Duration at level 5 is now 40 seconds.
The cooldown of this spell was way too high, and the mana cost as well. Now having this spell at level 5 can make it almost impossible for a critical hit to happen. Very important on situations in which the range has been lost.
- Modified: Spell Elude now has 5%/9%/14%/20%/30% Resist Magical Damage. Duration is 20/25/30/35/40 seconds and cooldown is 80 seconds. Mana cost is 150/175/200/225/250.
With Magical Damage Resistance instead of Spell Resistance, now it is more accurate in how it counters spells and the damage they cause.


- Removed: Pets discipline passive Stalker Spirit. Now the pet is always camouflaged by default when the Hunter is camouflaged.
- New: Pets discipline spell Wild Defence. Part of the damage received by the Hunter is redirected to the pet. Duration is 30 seconds. Cooldown is 75 seconds. Mana cost is 75/100/125/150/175. Redirected damage is 5%/10%/15%/20%/30%.
The pet needs to be more dynamic, as the Hunter itself is a dynamic and adaptable sub-class. In some cases, the Hunters will need to maximise their own defence while using a pet but they spent too much discipline points to use the pets. This will give a tactical choice to convert the pet in some kind of damage shield, losing it earlier but through being able to fulfill another role.
- Removed: Scouting discipline spell Camouflage Corpse.
- New: Scouting discipline spell Inherited Lightness. Gives 5%/10%/20%/25%/40% base Mana Regeneration bonus and 3/6/9/12/15 Dexterity. The area is 6. Duration is 60 seconds. Cooldown is 90 seconds. Cast time 1 second. Mana cost 150/200/250/300/350.
The hunter now has an aura that benefits allies in Dexterity, which will help other archers, and basic Mana Regeneration. This will be an important spell to use among archers which will stand in the back, allowing a support class like the Conjurer to go help the front of attack from the middle of the army without having to worry about mana in the safest part of the formation.


- Modified: Cyclops Curse. Cooldown is now 45 seconds. Duration is 30 seconds. Critical Chance reduction is -20%/-30%/-40%/-50%/-75%. Attack Range reduction is -2%/-4%/-7%/-10%/-15%. Weapon Damage is 125%.
A spell that almost no one used, mostly because of outdated values, now becomes interesting to cripple those that are breaking the frontlines and getting to close.
- Modified: Ofuscate. Cooldown is now 45 seconds. Added Casting Speed -3%/-7%/-12%/-18%/-25%. Mana cost is now 150/175/200/225/250.
Another spell forgotten by Marksmen, now has a useful malus aimed at Mages and unprepared Warriors.


- Modified: Clumsiness. Added Movement Speed reduction -2%/-4%/-6%/-8%/-10%.
Mages can now take something more valuable than Dexterity from Archers.


- Modified: Shifting Silhouette. Evade Chance bonus is now 30%/70%/110%/150%/200%. Melee Damage received penalization removed.
The penalization in this spell was making it one of the less attractive to use. We removed it and boosted a bit the effects. Now it is useful.


- Modified: Sadistic Guards. Duration is now 60 seconds in all levels.
To have less duration when spending points on it wasn't compensated by the higher reduction of Spell Resistance.


- Modified: Athletic now gives 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% Slashing Damage bonus and recovers 4/4/6/6/10 mana points per hit.
A passive that is widely disregarded by every warrior now has an interesting approach which might not seem quantifiable at the beginning, but the difference in the long run can change how some encounters end.
- Modified: Versatility now gives 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% Piercing Damage bonus and recovers 4/4/6/6/10 health points per hit.
Same intention that the one we have with Athletic but with a slight difference of effect.
- Modified: Lethal Anatomy now gives 3%/6%/9%/12%/15% Blunt Damage bonus.
Now it gives only one effect but stronger than the other two passives. Making Blunt discipline a bit closer to its purpose: more damage than other traits.
- Modified: Athletic and Versatility's recovery effect work only for the dominating weapon damage. This means that if the sum of all damages has, for instance, Slashing as the highest one, only Athletic's recuperation will work. If it's Blunt Damage, no recuperation will work.
- Modified: Execution. Cooldown is now 200 seconds. Critical Chance is now 100%/175%/250%/375%/500%. Duration is now 10/12/14/16/20 seconds.
When it's about base Critical Chance, the bonuses must go very high to do a percievable effect. Now that has been done with Execution, a powerful spell if used in the right moment. It also has a visual effect that can be easily recognised by enemies.
- Modified: Crash. Now it also gives Spell Resistance -50%/-60%/-70%/-80%/-100%. Evade Chance is now -50%/-60%/-70%/-80%/-100%. Weapon Damage is now 110%. Mana consumption is now 60/90/120/150/180. Casting Time is instant now.
Also outdated, the values now are more attractive and a powerful tool for those that don't like resistances.
- Modified: Mind Squasher now dispels an amount of friendly spells, from the last one casted and on. In each level it dispels up to 1/1/1/2/2 spells. Cooldown is now 80 seconds. Success Chance is now 15%/30%/45%/70%/100%.
This spell has a long due adjustment to be made. We're not aiming to nerf any spell unless it's highly needed, like in this case. Being able to dispel all positive spells in an enemy is far away from the tactical aim that we intend to give to our versatile combat system. Now, with this change, Mind Squasher can be used intelligently when opponents are buffing themselves with critically important spells, and not all of them. This avoids frustration in the enemy but still allows Mind Squasher to be a useful spell, tactically speaking.


- Modified: Shield Bash. Blunt Damage is now 80-120/160-210/260-320/380-460/540/640.
The progression for each level of this damage was inconsistent and needed to be a bit higher in the last levels.


- Modified: Whirlwind's blunt damage changed to Health removal -25/-40/-55/-70/-100.
Whirlwind was causing too much damage in defenseless players and almost nothing on highly protected ones. The aim of this Area effect is for the Barbarian to be feared and to disperse the troops being attacked. With this change, the spell becomes balanced as how it affects targets, especially those that have too much defenses, as it ignores these defenses.

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