Version: 1.24.1 (Date: 2019/4/18)


- Added: Selectable format and quality of Screenshots in Options -> Video.
- Modified: Transmutation Artefact now allows Arrows to be used.
- Fixed: Area of coverage of Altar of the Ancients was too large, affecting zones of the coast of Syrtis and Alsius.
- Modified: Cannot move forward when jumping. This is to avoid the abuse of collisions to climb objects.
- Modified: Tower guards outside moved inside. Now they are not needed to be killed to make the barricade vulnerable.
- Modified: Tower Barricade regenerates health now.
- Modified: Tower Watcher defense range lowered.
- Modified: Disconnecting in the Tower areas takes 60 seconds.
- Added: Safe zones for all Towers to avoid logging in inside them.

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