Version: 1.23.5 (Date: 2018/11/23)


- New: Elite Realm Armor, for sale in the Item Mall.
- Modified: NPC Elite Guards and Generals now use a new Realm Armor.
- Fixed: Incorrect statement in Character Creation screen that described Archers as they could use crossbows.
- Modified: Teleport boats now check for recent combat before they are allowed to be used.
- Fixed: Structure in Mount Arena near Gohos was climbable.
- Fixed: The river to the north of the Swamp could be crossed without drowning.
- Fixed: Description of Vesper and Tenax mage armor set bonus was incorrect (mentioned Spell Focus instead of Spell Resistance, which is the correct one).
- Modified: Wings for Carnival Clothing and Zarkit Costume are now sold separately. The price between both wings and clothing will sum the same amount. Those that already purchased the full clothings (female only in the Carnival one) will receive the wings in their Character stash.
- Modified: Sadistic Servants cooldown increased to 45 seconds.
- Modified: Mana consumption of Unstoppable Madness reduced to 220/240/260/300/340.
- Modified: Mana consumption of Berserk reduced to 130/160/190/220/240.
- Modified: Martial Defense now gives in level 4 -50% chance of receiving Critical Attacks and -70% in level 5.

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