Version: 1.23.3 (Date: 2018/9/25)


- Fixed: Reflected damage in constant powers (Damage over Time) was not being shown in the combat log.
- Fixed: When a damage reducing modifier was being applied, sometimes the effects of Retaliation were not being stopped on the caster, allowing new attacks to be reflected too.
- Fixed: Damage over Time powers were not removing Retaliation when casted successfully.
- Fixed: Transmutation Artefact was showing modifiers that couldn't be changed because they come from the Item Template. Only modifiers from the Item Instance (the item itself and not the template) can be modified. Also, damage modifiers bigger than 20 were not being changed.
- Fixed: Doors couldn't be attacked after the Realm changes.
- Fixed: Level 59 quest for the Transmutation Artefact has been fixed. Those that lost the items while cancelling or trying to finish it should contact Support and specify the character name for it to be verified.
- Fixed: Soul Monger vial item disappeared in some players. All those lost items were restored.
- Modified: Frequency of spawning for Bjarr, Nekhbit and Mrotgor bosses has been decreased.
- Modified: Item Fusion now accepts projectiles (arrows) to be fused.
- Modified: Divine Intervention's cooldown changed to 110 seconds. Duration changed to 10, 20, 35, 50, 70.
- Modified: Introspective gives now 20% Spell Duration at level 5.
- Modified: Magma Blast's damage changed to 200/260, 280/350, 370/450, 470/560, 600/700. Damage over Time changed to 50, 60, 70, 80, 100.
- Modified: Brain Piercing spell cancelling changed for Casting Speed reduction -5%/-9%/-13%/-17%/-25%. At level 5 also applies -50% Concentration. Duration 10/12/12/15/15 seconds.
- Modified: Impale's Damage over Time is now 80/125. Dexterity reduction changed to -15/-19/-23/-27/-35. Range is now 8 meters.

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