Version: 1.23.2 (Date: 2018/8/13)


- Added: Option to hide own Clan rank in the Options Menu.
- Fixed: The icons of buffs like Heroic Presence disappeared when casted after having it active from an ally nearby and then getting away from this ally.
- Fixed: Retaliation was being cancelled with powers that did no damage.
- Fixed: Text in the Warmaster Coins reward when obtaining a Realm Gem.
- Fixed: Text of the descriptions of the Gold and Experience bonus Wishes.
- Fixed: Attacking only with a Power was not setting last combat status to avoid mounting right away.
- Fixed: Daily Rewards obtained in Amun avoided to get them in live servers afterwards.
- Fixed: Deflecting Barrier was affecting the caster as well, which was not intended. Now it also affects pets and summons of allies, as intended.
- Fixed: Description of Melt Weapon item. Now it specifies it gives back 1 ingot less than the amount needed to create the weapon.
- Fixed: Locations in which the river in the War Zone could be crossed without dying.
- Fixed: Two handed ancestral sword of Magnanite had the incorrect item icon.
- Fixed: Error in an item description of Daen Rha's loot (Casting Rune).
- Modified: Divine Intervention effect now has a halo during all the duration of the effect.
- Modified: Ignis Peninsulae zone is around 100 meters bigger towards Shaanarid Altar of Resurrection.
- Added: Tol-Tar of War creature added to the zone Ignis Peninsulae
- Fixed: Exit portal in the Lake of the Ancients for the Soul Monger instance.
- Added: New Bosses and Crafting recipes. All introduced with the quests given in level 58 by Leif Mottif in Alsius, Ingwe in Ignis and Latav in Syrtis.

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