Version: 1.23 (Date: 2018/5/24)


- Modified: Soul Monger has been instanced. Every death of players in war releases a soul that feeds the Soul Monger, increasing the chances that it is released.
  - In the War Island, there is a new zone called "Altar of the Ancients" where the Runestones are to protect the world against the Soul Monger.
  - These Runestones will be better explained when the update to questing from levels 40 to 60 is finished, which is currently in progress.
  - The power of the Runestones is weaker when the power of the Soul Monger is stronger.
  - It is noticeable when the brightness of the Runestones has changed.
  - When the Runestones lose all the power, the Soul Monger is freed and a Portal appears in the Altar of the Ancients zone.
  - The gameplay is still as it is shown in The Game guide in our website. In the future, we will add more gameplay as it was promised.
  - The Soul Monger vials can be used for crafting. This Anniversary's quests give one variety of the many possibilities of objects that will be created.
  - One of the most important objects will be one that will give you extra power points, just a few in total, one per time. This can't be added until we perform an update to fix all unused or broken powers.
- The limit is 50 players of each realm in each instance.
- The time the Portal is opened is 30 minutes. Then, the Soul Monger will go back underground.
- To get the reward from the Soul Monger, you must participate in killing it. You will obtain a key to use the Soul Monger chest. If not, you will not be able to use the chest.
- Fixed: Character models for Human Female Warrior and Archer. Some animations had errors because of this.
- Added: New method of Match Making, used now with the Lake of the Ancients instance (Soul Monger). In the future, we will apply it to the Battlezones.
- Added: Visibilization of area of effect in powers with this feature. When casting, a red area is painted in the ground to show where the power will affect. Can be disabled in Game Options.
- Added: Zombie Artefact. An item obtained through crafting which allows to spawn daily a Soldier of the Necromancer in forts and castles.
- Added: Tattoos for all races except Lamai.
- Added: Clothing and Hat of the Ancients. Can be painted in both channels.
- Added: Change Tattoo premium item.
- Added: Several performance enhancements to the server.

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