Version: 1.18 (Date: 2017/2/3)



- Modified: Bow ranges changed to their original values: 20, 25, 30 meters.
- New: Clan Chests. Allows clan members to donate items to the Clan. These items can be later given to other members. In the future there will be many additions to the functionality of this feature.
- Fixed: Clan Rankings were being reset when trying to change them.
- Modified: Step sounds volume lowered.
- Added: Owl hoot sound for when a new mail arrives.
- Fixed: Portuguese description of Amber Turquoise item was of an incorrect item.
- Fixed: Misspell in the greeting of guards in Alsius.
- Fixed: Tree collisions in Aggersborg Surroundings, Menirah Surroundings, Rocky Pines, Cemetery Woods
- Fixed: Lamai description in the character creation window had a typo.
- Fixed: Golem Claw sword couldn't be traded or account-stashed (this doesn't apply to crafted ones).
- Fixed: Realm task involving Orc Chiefs could not be completed.
- Fixed: After using a door, the reward calculation of the player that dies was reset.
- Fixed: Stash Carrier creature was wrongly appearing as belonging to Alsius realm causing problems with guards and allies.
- Fixed: Alsius Coliseum collisions allowing to step out of the arena.
- Fixed: When attempting to sell an item in the Auction House and the interface got closed, the item didn't reappear in the inventory until relog.
- Fixed: Being able to jump outside Alsius' fortifications without dying.
- Fixed: Collision in Syrtis' Great Wall fortification allowed players to jump outside while carrying a gem.
- Fixed: Vesper helmet had the archer's 3D model in warriors and vice versa.
- Fixed: Items shown in the Party or Clan chat tab didn't have a tooltip when checking them in the General chat tab.
- Fixed: Being able to exit the Coliseum after casting powers on enemies. Affects most of the actions that can't be done immediately after combat.
- Fixed: Under Precise Block you could sit down or change combat mode and hide the animation of the skill.



Marksmen have been, for quite a long time, at a huge advantage due to their enormous range, and the incredible damage output they had. Not only this, they also had the chance to easily escape any situation, and controlling almost any enemy with their formidable arsenal of Crowd Control skills.
Since the base bow ranges have been decreased, marksmen will now have a new need to fulfill that directly affects their role: attacking from afar.
By buffing up Aiming Mastery, and decreasing the damage in Arcana Strike, our goal is to have marksmen decide what to do with their discipline and power points.
This means that you may reach a noticeable amount of range since you’ll have more options for that. However, if you do so, you may have to sacrifice defensive skills, damage-based ones or even CCs.

Arcana Strike
We’ve heard so much regarding this skill that we definitely had to make a very much needed adjustment. Its damage has been reduced in order to avoid ridiculously high output coming from marksmen.

Fire Damage: 45 - 95 - 150 - 195 - 250
Ice Damage: 45 - 95 - 150 - 195 - 250
Lightning Damage: 45 - 95 - 150 - 195 - 250

Strategic Position
Since bow ranges have been reduced back to their original values, this skill had to be readjusted. Back when the bow range values were the ones we’re going back to now, this skill had no penalties involved. The natural way to go was to have it back the way it was: 

Speed movement malus -> removed
Ranged received damage (%): -5 -7 -9 -12 -15

Killer Instinct
This is a skill that wasn’t very useful, considering that the marksman already had a ton of range at its disposal. Now that they’ll need more options in order to increase their range, we’ve decided to ease up the use of this skill.

Immobilization malus has been removed -> Replaced with: Speed Movement -15%

Hawk’s Gaze
With the decrease in damage regarding Arcana Strike and the decrease in range, we’ve decided to buff this skill up a little bit, regarding mana costs and cooldown duration.

Mana Cost: 260-290-320-350-380
Cooldown: 160 secs

Focus has been one of the most forgotten and less used skills for the marksmen. Therefore, considering that most marksmen will look for a way to improve their range, we’re granting a new option with this skill. It will not be an activatable skill anymore, as it’ll work as a simple range-enhancing low-cost skill for marksmen of all levels.
Attack Range (%): 2 4 6 8 10
Duration: 30 secs
Cooldown: 70 secs
Mana: 40 80 120 160 200


Of course, nature-loving archers are also affected by the decrease of bow ranges. Nevertheless, this is something that doesn’t truly negatively affect them, if we give pets a good look.
Due to the way pets behave, they only reach 30 meters, meaning that the previous exaggerated range only made things more difficult when it came to controlling the pet while chasing an enemy. This problem is no longer around, and we’ll also provide hunters with heavily requested skills in their pet skill tree.

Natural Dominance
All Tame skills have been merged into one, meaning that you’ll only have to spend 5 points and you’ll be able to control any tameable lesser creature, beast or monster when you hit level 60.

Tame: 1 2 3 4 5
Mana: 150 225 300 350 400

Prominent Sight
Merging all 3 Tame skills left 2 empty spots. One of them will belong to Prominent Sight, which, in exchange for pet damage, it’ll allow the Hunter to reach farther distances. Useful when chasing escaping enemies or engaging at a distance.

Attack Range (%): 2 4 6 10 15
Pet Attack Damage (%): -25%

Nature’s Fury
The second empty slot will be filled by the first pet-based AoE skill the Hunter ever had. This power is basically an area spell. It’ll release a powerful explosion filled with natural energy, which will deal damage to all nearby foes and knocking them for a small duration.

Piercing Damage 125-200-290-395-500
Fire Damage 125-200-290-395-500
Duration: 3 seconds.
Mana Cost: 120-210-300-390-480

Revive Pet
Cooldown reduced to 120 seconds.

Skin of the Beast
Cast time: Instant 
Global Cooldown: Very short

Heal Pet
Cast time: Instant


As most Knights in Regnum confirm, they’re one of the most overall balanced subclasses in the game. However, they end up being boring as they weren’t representing any real threat to their enemies, and barely a useful asset to their battle groups.
Therefore, we’ve decided to go ahead and give Knights a little bit of a mixup of both defensive properties relocation, a very useful movement speed skill, and the opportunity to absorb the damage received by an ally.

Defensive Stance
Although the original idea of this power was pretty good, whenever used in the game it only turned out to be a “god mode” against low dps characters like the hunters or warlocks’ DoTs; and at the same time it didn’t provide a strong resistance against higher damage dealers, such as barbarians.
Therefore, the protection bonus has been removed, and its damage resistance value has been slightly buffed.

Protection Bonus -> Removed
Damage Resistance (%): 20 25 30 35 40

Army of One
Since Defensive Instance has lost its protection bonus, Army of One will be slightly buffed as well, in order to provide the maximum level of defense for a longer time.

Duration -> 20 secs

Protector Temper
This is a new skill that comes from combining both Stone Temple and Arcane Constitution. It combines (and buffs a bit) their effects.

Physical Damage resistance (%): 2 4 6 8 10
Magical Damage resistance (%): 2 4 6 8 10
Constitution: 5-7-9-12-15

Knight’s Haste
Since both passives have been combined, a new slot has become available. Since movement speed was something quite requested by most knights, the way to go was quite obvious.
However, providing with Sprint or a buffed Intimidate wouldn’t work, as it would cause huge problems with the barbarians in first case, and it wouldn’t help allies in the latter.
Therefore, we’ve decided to provide the knight with a short duration huge speed bonus that, smartly used, can dramatically close the distance between knight and enemy, or knight and ally in need.

Movement Speed (%): 5-10-15-20-50
Duration: 3
Cooldown: 100
Cast: Instant
Mana Cost: 50-90-135-180-220

Since Knights will be more vulnerable to ranged damage, and particularly more of a target when using Mana-oriented spells such as Mana Burn, they’ll need a little extra help in order to control their target once they went through the effort of getting close to them.

Mana Cost: 70 - 90 - 110 - 130 - 150

Shield Wall and Stars Shield
In order for knights to be more useful when it came to auras, both in war scenarios as in open areas, these 2 auras are having their range buffed, and their mana cost updated. 
We studied buffing up the % that it applies (50% as of today), but we believe that with the way these spells are spammed, the extra 4 meters in range will help quite a bit to cover a wider area, as well as to affect characters that generally are in front of the knight itself.

Area: 10
Mana Cost: 200-225-250-275-300

Paladin's Aid
This spell is being changed to use a new effect that has been quite requested by knights over the years. Although it’ll continue to remove negative effects, it’ll now apply a buff to an ally that’ll allow the knight to absorb all damage received by him or her.

Players can combine it with Knight’s Haste, providing a defensive option for this spell.

Duration: 3-4-5-6-8
Cooldown: 40 secs

Ethereal Mantle
Casting time reduced to 0.5 seconds.


Graced and feared by everyone back in the day, the Warlock used to be a rival you really didn’t want to mess with. However, the era of 35 meters bow came around, spells got old in damage terms, and the warlock ended up being a target practice for most marksmen.
With the bow range solved, their damage was still too low, and in par with lower level warlocks when using DoTs.
In order to provide high level warlocks with more damage output, we’ve decided to buff up in both terms of damage value and damage type certain skills, lower their ranged defense for balancing reasons, and make one of its Warmaster skills have sense.

One of the first skills a warlock comes across in their obscure and magic journey, it was being ignored although it should pretty much hurt a lot to be impaled by rocks coming up from the ground right below your feet.

Piercing Damage 100-150-200-250-400
Ice Damage 100-150-200-250-400
Cast: 1
Mana Cost: 90 - 120 - 150 - 180 - 210

Golem Fist
This spell used to be quite strong back in the day, but was being ignored due to obvious reasons. It didn’t pay off to use it, and it was rendered useless. Although now it does less damage in terms of “numbers”, it now does damage that is impossible to reduce by using any kind of protection… because well, it’s a huge rock smashing your brains.

Enemy Health Damage: -200 -250 -300 -350 -650
Blunt Damage Removed.
Cast: 2
Mana Cost: 130 - 180 - 225 - 280 - 320

Wind Wall
Since the warlock is gaining more damage, and marksmen now have to risk it out a bit more due to their range being decreased, naturally Wind Wall is being slightly nerfed.

Ranged Received Damage (%): -5 -10 -15 -20 -25

Mass Pricking Ivy
There isn’t much to say about it. It didn’t work, no one used it. Nobody knows why it was created the way it was. This skill has been heavily buffed, providing with an interesting 10 meters area of damage, short cooldown and some nice piercing damage applied to all enemies surrounding the caster within the area range.

Duration: 5 secs
Area: 10
Cooldown: 90 secs
Piercing Damage: 750


As for Barbarians and Conjurers: Further analysis is needed by exposing said subclasses to these new changes. Tweaks may be needed, such as probably regarding barbarians’ defensive capabilities, and in case they’re necessary we’ll perform them. 
This, and our priority being aiming towards the “revival” of currently unused powers in all 6 subclasses is what we’ll be focusing on in terms of combat balance.

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