Version: 0.9.17 (Date: 2007/7/31)


- Fixed: Vilcor's summon now appears on the right spot.
- Fixed: Minor adjustments to zonal spawning zones.
- New: Added missing fort/castle surrounding zones.

- Fixed: Rejected party/clan request notification.
- Fixed: Aura spells no longer pass through walls.
- Fixed: some actions were removing resurrection dizziness.
- Updated: You now require at least 10% contribution to the combat against a monster to obtain a share of the experience.

- New: You can now maintain Alt or Shift pressed when selling stackable items to skip the quantity window.
- Fixed: Inventory/Party window no longer stretches drastically and works again by stretching it manually.
- Fixed: duplicated chimmey smoke effect.
- Fixed: Player trade other's items now display the description tooltip.
- Updated: Feedback when adding points to a discipline/spell.

- Fixed: You cannot execute the ignore command on yourself.
- Fixed: Movement correction improvements (back-and-forth glitch should be reduced now).
- Fixed/Updated: Forts and castles:
- -Guards cancel the fort/castle capture (again).
-- Users that are nearby receive "capturing" and "cancelling capture" notices.
-- Door and banners update bug fixed.

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