Version: 1.16.1 (Date: 2016/11/10)


- Added: Merchant NPC in Medenet.
- Modified: Great Magic Backpack weight reduction raised to 50kg.
- Fixed: Description of Magic Backpacks in English.
- Modified: Crafting experience gets reduced by 50% for each level of difference with the recipe level and the current Crafting level.
- Added: Filter to search recipes by their name.
- Fixed: Level filter for Crafting recipes gets saved and remains even if the client is closed.
- Added: Button to obtain all finished crafts.
- Modified: Already added recipes will not be for sale in the NPC.
- Fixed: Checkboxes position in the Character interface.
- Added: Crafting Quest given by Tuldor (Alsius), Sagra (Ignis) or Deriel (Syrtis). "A Rare Ingredient".
- Added: Crafting recipes for Crafting level 6.
- Fixed: Craftmasters in castles were being attacked when building was re-captured.
- Added: If Recipe is already added, the game lets you know when trying to add it again.
- Fixed: Off hand war hammer recipe level was incorrect.
- Fixed: Rock outside Herbred used to hide and attack the fort.
- Added: Players now drop "Enemy Essence" crafting material. Chances are low and limited to one per unique player per day.
- Modified: Crafting material spawners and creature loot reduced to a lower and planned amount of materials (for the initial release it was higher to ensure a better experience due to many users pursuing the same objectives).

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