Version: 1.15.1 (Date: 2016/6/17)


Battlezones Team Deathmatch
- Added: If the player is inside their own base, they cannot attack until they leave.
- Fixed: Disconnection of players in a specific point of the map.
- Fixed: Being able to go up the mountains through a specific point near Alsius base.
- Modified: Tickets are obtainable weekly. You obtain them depending on your performance in war through simple objectives. Objectives are divided in tiers. Every Wednesday, activity is checked for the previous 7 days and tickets are granted by in-game mail. Each day, you must complete these objectives. If you complete any of these tiers, four days of the weekly seven, you'll get the tickets for that tier.

TIER 1 (5 tickets):
- Kill at least one player.
- Play at least 15 minutes.
- Earn at least 30 WMC.
TIER 2 (15 tickets):
- Kill at least one player in 4 different forts.
- Play at least 45 minutes.
- Earn at least 90 WMC.
TIER 3 (30 tickets):
- Participate in capturing at least 4 different forts.
- Earn at least 150 WMC.

- Fixed: Class restrictions were not working correctly and were not used for this reason.
- Fixed: Kill notice was always in the same colour due to an error.
- Fixed: Miniboss buff does not dispel Camouflage in Hunters.
- Fixed: From the center of the map, towards Hallbjorn miniboss entrance, the right mountain slope was partially climbable, allowing archers to avoid the sinuous path.
- Added: When a player suicides, the frag goes to the last hitter or caster.
- Modified: Suicide player wait to respawn raised to 60 seconds.
- Fixed: Game finishing with seconds remaining.

- Fixed: Ximerin Gift ERR_LOGIN when accessing from the Item Mall button inside the game.

- Fixed: Blessing description was not correct.

- Modified: Champion items will have the following bonuses.

Breastplate Constitution +5
Leggings Speed +5%
Gauntlets Critical Chance +15%
Pauldrons Constitution +5
Helmet Mana +150
Shield Constitution +5
Breastplate Constitution +5
Leggings Attack Speed +10%
Gauntlets Critical Chance +15%
Pauldrons Strength +5
Helmet Mana +150
Breastplate Constitution +5
Leggings Casting Speed +5%
Gauntlets Attack Speed +7%
Pauldrons Constitution +5
Helmet Mana +150
Breastplate Constitution +5
Leggings Dexterity +10
Gauntlets Critical Chance +15%
Pauldrons Constitution +5
Helmet Mana +200
Tunic Constitution +10
Gloves Casting Speed +7%   
Hat Armor Bonus +7%
Bracelet Mana +150
Tunic Constitution +7         
Gloves Casting Speed +10%
Hat Armor Bonus +7%
Bracelet Mana +150

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