Version: 1.12.4 (Date: 2015/9/17)


- Modified: Adjustments regarding participation in killing players for all subclasses.
- Fixed: Language texts for Warmaster amulets and rings in German, French and Portuguese.
- Fixed: Being able to use more than one Companion at a time.
- Modified: Removed casting time for Companions.
- Fixed: War Confidence was not giving the +100% WM Coins bonus.
- Fixed: Language texts for Companions Mukharr and Fenvetir in Portuguese.
- Fixed: Being able to use a Warmaster Coins booster when other was active, without effect and consuming the item.
- Fixed: Wrong amount of Warmaster Coins being shown in the reward counter interface.
- Modified: Experience reward per participation in killing a player raised to 350 EXP points.
- New: Warmaster Coins, Experience Points per kill related to server balance. Adjustments to take place soon after activity analysis.
- New: Stash Carrier premium item. Allows to use the Character and Account Stash anywhere.

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