Version: 1.12.3 (Date: 2015/8/25)


- Modified: Experience obtained from killing or helping to kill enemies. Now experience is not a value shared by everyone that's involved in the killing, but a fixed value for everyone involved and also affected by challenge.
If the base experience for killing an enemy is 200 XP:
- Challenge can add up to 50% more experience or reduce -50% depending on the level difference.
- Depending on how much players are involved in the killing, if 10 or more, only 50% of the base experience is received. If 5 to 9, 75%. Less than 5, 100%.
- Using Premium XP Boosters give 25% more experience if enemies are killed than when killing monsters. IE: A 200% booster will give 250%.
- Fixed: Sanctuary removing the Companion, causing also to avoid showing the animation of this spell.
- Modified: Killing an enemy at a realm without gems gives only 50% of the experience.
- Fixed: Sanctuary or Low Profile could be used to remove the Relic Intensity debuff.
- Fixed: "War Confidence" activation does not interrupt casting spells anymore.
- Fixed: Grounding Arrow now has its correct cooldown: 30 seconds.
- Modified: Holding forts don't give WMC rewards for holding (because of obtaining them killing players). There are still rewards for getting a Relic out of the cage and for Invading (or avoiding them).
- Fixed: Disconnection after choosing a respawn point while affected by the Cremation spell.
- Modified: Gold rewards from Treasure Chests in all the world are now enhanced.
- Modified: War Confidence gives different bonuses depending on building and imbalance level.
- In Realm Walls, gives 50% Health and 20% Main Attribute.
- In certain cases it also can give +100% Warmaster Coins in any fort/castle/wall.
- Modified: Rewards in forts/castles require participating in killing a player to count as combat activity.
- Modified: Fort zones are bigger now to allow all classes to get WM coins properly when attacking a fort. This didn't affect defending it.
- Modified: Wishes now can have a limit of days until they can be wished again.
- Modified: Warmaster Coins dragon wish limited to 7 days.
- Added: Obtaining Warmaster Coins when killing players in forts/castles/walls.
The base is 3 WMC per kill when the character is level 60. When there is negative level difference (IE: I'm level 60 and my enemy is level 55) the coins are reduced.
These coins are affected by the WMC Multipliers.
As with experience there are methods to avoid collusion and other possible abuses of this feature.

- Added: Tooltip of Experience Bar now shows the type of the multiplier/booster we have active. IE: "200% XP Boost", instead of only showing "XP Boost"
- Fixed: Visual bug when merging Aventurine Gems (Critical Chance).
- Added: Tooltip information for items that are bound to player or account.
- Fixed: Certain items that are not flagged for stashing were being allowed to be dropped to the Stash interface.
- Fixed: Showing players lower than level 45 that they earned WMC or Experience when they weren't receiving them.

- Added: NPCs related to the buildings (castles in this case) which are available for the realm that captures that building.
- Added: Warmaster Jewelry. 9 amulets and 9 rings. Can be obtained from Jofnnir Blackanvil in Imperia, Arathorn Darksoul in Shaanarid and Paeris Jandarean in Eferias. Amulets cost 250k WMC and Rings cost 125k WMC.
- Modified: Price of Warmaster Horse changed to 125k WMC.
- Fixed: Gloves and Hats from the high level Dragon Sets now are paintable in both channels.
- Fixed: Introductory texts for the Squid Island are now shown correctly when playing the game with the client in English.
- Fixed: Texts related to Malaguy quests in Syrtis.
- Added: Companion Fenvetir. Exchanges 30% Critical Chance for 150 Mana.
- Added: Companion Mukharr. Exchanges 5% Attack Speed for 10% Protection.
- Fixed: Tenax and Vesper Dragon Sets for Warriors were indicating "Hit chance" instead of "Critical chance" in their descriptions. Anyway, the modifier applied was the correct one.

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