Version: 1.12.2 (Date: 2015/6/6)


- Modified: Relic Counters reduced to 15 minutes in all cases.
- Modified: Relics disable save guards in a bigger range.
- Fixed: Pets that were tamed from a zone where they appear in a fraction of the day died because of the spawner.
- Fixed: Auto run and movement not being reset when entering Stun or Knock Down states. Causing spells that "stop on movement" be cancelled if casted right away after leaving those states. IE: Precise Block.
- Fixed: Resurrect interface stayed after toggling the UI (TAB) even if resurrected while the UI is hidden.
- Fixed: Dancing while in movement.
- Fixed: Interactions with Realm Gem altars getting stuck.
- Fixed: When hiding the interface with TAB, Reward interface was re-appearing.
- Fixed: Using Companions while mounted.
- Fixed: Pets not working correctly when revived after having a Companion active.
- Fixed: Being able to disconnect while being attacked while changing video mode.

- Modified: Reward Timer raised to 20 minutes.
- Modified: Rewards are now a fixed amount of WM coins.
Invasion or Defense: 2000 WM coins.
Hold All Forts and Castle: Base 400 WM coins, up to 1200 WM coins.
Hold Fort and Castle: Base 300 WM coins, up to 900 WM coins.
Hold Castle: 300 WM coins per cycle.
Hold Fort: 200 WM coins per cycle.
- Modified: No reward can be obtained of Invasion or Fort or Castle capturing of a realm that has no gems.
- Modified: Reward interface now shows either you need to move or engage in combat to receive rewards.
- Modified: Reward interface now shows the amount of WM coins to be received.
- Modified: When a vulneration without invasion or and invasion ends, the relics that are dropped or in the hands of a player are returned too.
- Modified: Realm Wall can only be captured if the front Realm Door is broken.
- Fixed: Relics and Forts/Castles being reset some minutes after a realm recovers its captured wall.
- New: Feature to require X forts to be captured to get rewards from enemy forts or wall. Disabled by default.

- Modified: Precise Block cooldown reduced to 30 seconds.
- Modified: Sprint cooldown reduced to 30 seconds.

- New: Companion Domthan. (Exchanges 8% Casting Speed for 15% Healing Bonus)
- New: Companion Tortugo. (Exchanges 75 Mana for 10 Constitution)
- Modified: Companion Mohere. Now exchanges 150 Health for 10 Class Attribute.
- Modified: Experience Scrolls can be account stashed.

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