Version: 1.10.8 (Date: 2014/6/17)


- Modified: Gems and Relics now require a minimum level for them to be carried (default: level 45).
- Modified: Realm Gems in Altars or Portals require a quantity of players (the quantity set in Amun is NOT final) to interact with them in order to release them to be stolen. This quantity is determined per world.
- Fixed: Limit to Realm Points obtained.
- Fixed: Syrtis Great wall near Korsum could be climbed by relogging in specific cases.
- Fixed: Warmaster West Portal spawning near a tree causing fall damage.
- Added: When a player is carrying a Relic and gets close to the zone of the Realm Doors it is given 3 seconds to turn back or else it will be killed and the Relic restored to a safe place near the mentioned Door.
- Added: If a player has a Draconic Gem and is inside the Dragon Cave and the chosen wish is the one that gives that gem, this player will be automatically expelled from the cave.

- Added: Tooltip to indicate the status of a Realm Gem when it’s locked and awaiting player interactions.
- Fixed: Premium category “Teleport” was being hidden in Fixed Pipeline video mode instead of “Paint”.

- Added: World Cup Event Brazil 2014. Details in Event section in the Official Website once the event is launched.
- Modified: Forest Goblins quest in Syrtis cave open time changed to 40 seconds.

- Modified: Race Change scroll can now be bought by Lamai players. It still doesn’t allow to change from any other race to Lamai.

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