Version: 1.10.7 (Date: 2014/5/3)


Gameplay - Balance
- Magic Barrier: The Magic Barrier points have been boosted up to 700, 1000 and 1400 in levels 3, 4 and 5 respectively.
- Wind Wall: Duration has been increased to 20, 22, 24, 26 and 30 seconds respectively. The resistance level has been increased to 18%, 20% and 25% in levels 3, 4 and 5 respectively.
- Mass Resurrection: The chances have been increased to 40% in level 4 and 60% in level 5.
- Protect Ally: The Casting Time has been reduced to "Instant". Healing values have been increased in levels from 2 to 5. The effect "Dispel Stun" has been replaced by "Dispel Freeze" in levels 1 and 2; and "Dispel Dizziness" has been replaced by "Dispel Freeze" in levels 3 and 4.
- Revive Pet: Casting Time has been reduced to 5 seconds.
- Skin of the Beast: Casting time has been reduced to 1 second. Cooldown time has been reduced to 120 seconds. Mana cost has been reduced to 300, 340, 380, 420, 460.
- Fire Arrow (Marksman Warmaster): Cooldown time has been reduced to 25 seconds. Range increased to 35 mts.
- Mindsquasher: Cooldown time has been increased to 40 seconds.
- Strategic Position: Casting Type has been switched to "Activable" and the power cancels itself if the player moves. The cooldown time has been reduced to 80 seconds.

Fixed skills
- Meteorite: The "dizzy" effect is now not being removed when a player is attacked by a 2nd meteorite.
- Defensive Instance: Error that caused, in some circumstances, to keep the visual effect even when the power was not active in the player.
- Arrow fire and Protect Ally: Error that caused these powers to remove buffs and other positive skills on allies (Mana Communion, Berserk, Recharged Arrows, Master of Doom, etc).
- Retaliation: Fixed. The power now deactivates after returning the first pulse in DoT skills. This implies that the damage from DoT skills will not be fully returned.

Gameplay - General
- Fixed: Error that caused players to become unable to move when affected by the modifier "Inmobilize" while in mid-air (for example, Pricking Ivy).
- New: Option that allows to lock the quickbar.
- New: Option that allows the user to tweak the horizontal position of the camera.

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