Version: 1.10.6 (Date: 2014/1/30)


Gameplay / Invasions:
- New: Forts at the War Zone now include 2 guards at the tower, near the flag. These guards will be able to cancel the fort capture as long as they're alive. This avoids other players from easily capturing the fort with almost no resistance by hiding within.
- Fixed: The flags in the "Shaanarid" and "Imperia" castles have been relocated to balance the distance that separates the flag from the guards when they try to cancel the "capturing process". Until now, the flag at Eferias Castle was significantly closer to the guards when compared to other castles.

Gameplay / General:
- Fixed: Issue where the Relic Carrier wasn't being able to cast a mount.
- Fixed: Issue where a recently revived character was, under certain circumstances, triggering the "Revive" animation after interacting with a fort/castle door.
- Fixed: Issue where the the Loot Chance multiplier was multiplying the amount of dropped items from the creatures aside from altering their chances.
- Modified: The creature's loot system has been modified. The creatures from categories such as "Chief"; "Champion" and "Epic" now grant the same loot chances to all characters involved in combat. (See note).

Note: Creatures used to deliver their loot based on a formula that took into account several parameters such as damage done and received by the player, assistance, etc.

This formula ended up being obsolete due to the diverse balance modifications performed through the pass of time and it became notorious in the new dragon instances.

Gameplay / Balance:
- Fixed: Issue where the effect from the powers "Summon Imps" and "Summon Zombies" was being completely interrupted when any of the creatures summoned died. The desired effect for this is that each imp or zombie works as an independent entity. This correction may possibly require that these powers go through small modifications in the future, after analyzing their impact in-game.

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