Version: 1.10.5 (Date: 2013/11/27)


Gameplay / Content:
- New: A Merchant has been added to the city of “Altaruk”, in the realm of Ignis. Its name is “Ireth Galathill” and can be found near Zif, the Farrier.
- New: A Merchant has been added to Syrtis’ Herbred, in the War Zone. This npc's name is Janea and it has been switched from "Carpenter" to "Merchant".

Gameplay / Invasions:
- Modified: The required capture time to unlock Relic Cages at Forts and Castles has been reduced to 15 minutes (previously 30 minutes).This way, we expect to make the whole relic stealing process a bit more simpler, as well as to have it occur more often.
- Fixed: Relics now, when falling on the floor, go back to their last location instead of their original altar. With this change, we look forward to avoid players intentionally placing Relics in locations that are easy to reach, but impossible to come back from.

Gameplay / Balance:
- Fixed: Issue affecting the “auras” system that provoked powers such as “Whirlwind”, “Mana Pylon” and “Mana Communion” to stack up to 4 times on a single target, magnifying the power’s expected effect. This error significantly affects the game’s balance, and having it fixed will allow us to re-balance by observing the impact of these changes in battle.
- Fixed: Mana Pylon cannot accumulate more than 2500 Barrier points; preventing even the possibility to generate an infinite stack of Mana Pylons on a character.
- Modified: Mana Pylon has been adjusted in terms of casting time and barrier points granted per second, in each of its levels.

Casting time = 1.5 secs (it used to be 2.5)
Barrier points per level:
Level 1 = 25 (it used to be 10)
Level 2 = 30 (it used to be 15)
Level 3 = 35 (it used to be 20)
Level 4 = 40 (it used to be 25)
Level 5 = 50 (it used to be 30)

Gameplay / General:
- Fixed: Issue where, whenever a player or creature died by the effect of a progressive damage power, the corresponding “death” animation was wrongly executed in terms of timing.
- Fixed: Visual issue concerning “Sultar Gloves” made specifically out of “Fabric” or “Soft Fabric” provoking said items to not be shown.
- Fixed: Issue where some players were being disconnected from the game when entering the Dragon Caves.
- Fixed: Issue concerning a wrongly located spawnpoint when coming out of the Spider Queen's lair, at the Ignis initiation zone.
- Fixed: Issue where casting the power "Arcane Devotion" wrongly triggered a casting animation.

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