Version: 1.10.4 (Date: 2013/10/28)


- New: Instanced Caves to host the epic Dragons Alasthor, Tenax and Vesper. Click here for a guide on this feature.
- New: Group creation system for instanced game modes (Dungeons)
- New: Armor and Weapons added to epic dragons’ loot.
- New: Squid’s Island. Allows PvP, RvR and PvE combat for starting levels.

- New: “In Combat” status. If a player attacks or is attacked his/her state will switch to “in combat”, regardless of the animation. The player will remain in this state until 20 seconds pass from the last attack that he/she did or received.
- New: The Combat Music is now played exclusively when the player enters “in combat” mode. This greatly improves combat feedback and minimizes the music’s repetitive effect.
- Fixed: It’s not possible to access Battlezones or Instanced Game Modes as long as the player remains “in combat”.
- Fixed: Pets are now correctly teleported to Battlezones, Coliseums and Instanced Game Modes.
- Modified: The warzone teleport from the cemetery to swamp has been modified. Its new location and destination has been selected to minimize the map’s asimetry.

- New: 2 new wishes have been added to the Golden Dragon list of wishes. These allow players to fight against the Dragons from other Realms during 1 week.
- Modified: The negative wishes of the Golden Dragon have been removed (wishes affecting the gold and experience obtained in other realms).
- Modified: The Realm Gems can only be stolen from their pedestal/portal if the realm gates are captured by the enemy.
- Modified: The Relic Carrier cannot jump anymore. This will avoid the relic to get stuck in certain locations.
- Modified: The Relic Power will instantly kill its Carrier after 15 minutes (it used to be 30). This limits the possibility of running around with the relic.
- Fixed: It is not possible anymore to grab a relic while casting a Teleport.
- New: Relics will NOT be capturable during low-population time. This system is being configured individually per server. The time established for RA is 4am GMT until 1pm GMT.
- New: The relic pedestals now show a progress bar indicating the remaining time for the cage to open.
- Fixed: Realm Dragons cannot be attacked anymore while flying. This prevents an error that made dragons, once on land, not attack enemies.

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