Version: 1.10.3 (Date: 2013/5/29)


-New: Daily Gold and Experience bonus. All characters will obtain an additional 25% bonus in both gold and experience during the first 15 minutes of play time, each day.
-New: The Warmaster and Champion armor sets can now be stored in the Character Stash.
-New: Reset Powers Interface (the command "/reset_powers" will no longer be available). Players can now access the Reset Powers feature through their corresponding trainer dialog window. Resetting powers will cost an amount of gold depending on the character's level.
-Modified: Battlezones matches that end up as a Tie will now grant a 50 Champion Coins reward to all participating players.

-New: Hall of Fame. Players will be able to access this new location from the portal located in the Warzone's central island. (For more details read the guide).
-New: The zones "Arvanna Valley" from Syrtis, "Volcanic Zone" from Ignis and "Snowy Plateau" from Alsius (old realm dragons locations) have been redesigned. New entrances have been added for the new Dungeons coming up soon.

-New: Computer ID authenticator. This system will require users to approve, through a code sent by e-mail, each new computer they log-in with (it won't be necessary to authorize the current computer you're using). This system will significantly improve accounts' security.

Visual art:
-Modified: Most weapons between levels 30-50 were revamped. This changes does not affect combat stats.

Gameplay/Client/Server Errors:
-Fixed: Players now should not respawn on top of the Resurrection Altars.
-Fixed: Powers now have their cooldown restarted correctly in the Coliseum.
-Fixed: Fixed an error in which under certain circumstances, players suffered a notorious FPS-drop after deselecting enemies/allies.
-Fixed: Chat and Combat Log boxes now preserve their size when coming in/out from an instance.
-Fixed: Matchmaking system now indicates correctly the maximum number of players.
-Fixed: Lighting and night illumination associated to some specific zones' weathers have been improved, achieving a better visibility.
-Fixed: Dragon's landing paths were updated. This fixes an issue related to Tenax, Alasthor and Vesper while they are fighting in realm doors.

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