Version: 0.9.14 (Date: 2007/6/27)


- Updated: Balance adjustments and tweaks to experience bonus scrolls and potions.
- Updated: Ambitious Sacrifice cooldown increased from 15 secs to 25 secs.
- Updated: Adjusted "You are overburdened" message frequency.
- Fixed: Missing rings.
- Fixed: Completed revision to monsters and weapons that had incorrect damage.
- Fixed: You can now rotate and attack under the effect "You cannot move".

- New: Clan names limit (Full Name: 50 characters, Abbreviation: 15 characters, Rank: 15 characters).
- Fixed: Terrain shader lighting fix in Direct3D9.
- Fixed: Texture LOD in OpenGL no longer affects the User Interface.
- Updated: minor improvements to premium trade window.

- New: buddy list (first iteration):
/buddy : adds a character to the list.
/remove : removes a character from the list.
/list: shows all connected users from your list.
Buddies who have connected/disconnected are shown on the status chat log.
- Fixed: /ignore now also ignores clan invitations.

- Updated: Decreased monsters minimum population on region "Thorkul's Rage". Increased respawning rate time.

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