Version: 1.10.2 (Date: 2013/3/20)


-Fixed: Visual error when the player executed the Revive action near a Resurrection Altar or any -Respawn Point. This issue had as a result other players seeing him/her misplaced.
-Fixed: Movement input is now processed at the beginning of the frame. This change has as a result a slight improvement in movement perception.
-Fixed: Switching to Combat mode throughout the Action/Skill bar now takes the same amount of time as pressing the CTRL key.

-Fixed: Error that provoked an unexpected server crash related to instances.
-Fixed: Error provoking some players remain connected whenever the server restarted due to maintenance. This had as a result that the player received the message "The character is already in the world".

-New: Daily first victory bonus system on both "Capture The Flag" and "Team Deathmatch". This bonus can be obtained once a day on each of the battlezones.
-New: The amount of players required to start a battlezone can now be configured individually for each server, depending on their population.
-New: Auto-party creation system when joining a Battlezone.
-Fixed: Collision and climbable location errors in the "Team Deathmatch" map.
-Fixed: Error provoking some icons in the mini-map being incorrect.

-Modified: The pop-up windowns that require defining a stack of items are now exclusive and cannot be interacted with the rest of the GUI as long as these are open.
-New: The mini-map arrow that indicates the direction of a far-away quest objective now shows the name of the quest it belongs to.
-Modified: The Chat windows now saves the customized window size throughout different game sessions.
-Fixed: Error in one of the LOD leves in the Dark Elf Female Mages that provoked that at a certain distance made the tunic become invisible.

-New: Commemorative Pope Costume (Tunic, Staff and Hat).

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