Version: 1.10.1 (Date: 2013/2/14)


-Modified: Character’s faces have been revamped (except for male Uthgars, and Lamais from both genders).
-Modified: Some hair-cuts, both premium and basic, have been revamped.

-New: “Capture The Flag” Battlezone mode.
-Modified: “Team Deathmatch” map.
-New: “Class Match” mode at Coliseums.
-New: Champion Coins. Each member of a winning team in a Battlezone match will earn 500 Champion Coins.
-New: Support that allows to turn off the Relics system in low-population time frames.
-New: Inventory Item Search tool per tab.
-Fixed: Quickbar tips in new characters created.
-Fixed: Error that provoked that under certain circumstances some tradeable gems in the Auction House were not being delivered to the buyer.
-Fixed: Powers that require near-by allies to be casted do not count npc’s and/or dead players anymore.

-New: Several objects related to St. Valentine’s event.

-Fixed: Linux selection bug and error launching in 32bits systems have been patched.

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