Version: 1.10.0 (Hotfix 1) (Date: 2012/12/27)


Gameplay / Invasions:
-Fixed: When the player that carries a Relic dies by drowning or by falling damage, the Relic reappears in a near and accessible spot.
-Fixed: Summon altars do not allow to take the Relics on them if the Castle hasn’t been captured and 30 minutes don’t pass.
-Fixed: Error that provoked that upgraded Fortification doors weren't visually disappearing.
-Modified: Resurrection Altars guards deactivate if the Relic Carrier is nearby.
-Modified: The Relic Carrier now has 30 minutes to install the Relic in the Altar or Pedestal. After this period, the Relic’s power becomes uncontrollable, killing its Carrier.

Gameplay / Battlezones:
-Fixed: The player’s position is now saved when entering a Battlezone.
-Fixed: Error that provoked that some players below level 40 were able to access higher level Battlezone.

Gameplay / Coliseums:
-Fixed: Death provoked by pets and summoning now correctly count as a kill for their owner.
-Fixed: Error that provoked that a player wasn't being removed from the Queue list after going away from the Coliseum.

-Fixed: Error that provoked that the direction arrow from the Mini-map directed the wrong way when pointing some quest objectives.
-Fixed: Error that generated some quest texts show the legend “Err_parsing…”.
-Fixed: Error that provoked that certain objects from the world weren't selectable.
-Modified: The map now stays loaded to optimize its loading speed.

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