Version: 1.9.3 (Date: 2012/4/10)


Gameplay | General:
-Fixed: Some areas of Raeraia city (Syrtis) were appearing as “Ulren Asir”.
-Fixed: The “War Mastery” power description for Warmasters.
-Fixed: Active powers tooltip were not showing correctly.
-Modified: The “Defeat 30 from X Realm” objective from the “The Warmaster Path” quest now specifies the area where the enemies should be defeated.

Gameplay | Interface:
-New: Party members’ location can now be seen in the map and mini-map.
-New: Available quests can now be seen in the map and mini-map if they are close to the player.

Gameplay | Commerce:
-Fixed: The commerce interface no longer allows for empty transactions (without any items or gold).
-Fixed: Openning commerce Windows with players and NPCs at the same time is no longer possible. Interacting with an NPC will close any open Commerce windows.
-Fixed: Simultaneous transactions on the same item are no longer allowed.
-New: Items being traded can no longer be altered during the transaction (adding/removing gems, etc.).

Gameplay | Balance:
-New: The “Performance” power from the “Pets” discipline has been replaced with the new “Stalker Spirit” power.
-Modified: The “Training” power from the “Pets” discipline now grants a 10 % health bonus at level 1 and 30% at level 5.
-New: Pet health and mana indicators have been added to the pet’s HUD.

-New: Houses, main structures and map objects in towns in all Alsius villages and cities have been replaced by news models (New houses stage 1).
-New: Areas near villages and cities have been redesigned.

-Fixed: Resources not downloading after an update under certain configurations of the Windows proxy.
-Fixed: The “Show Party Members” option now works with the initial configuration.

Premium Content:
-New: Mounts (Bear, Albino Bear, Dark Bear).
-New: Warmaster Coin booster.
-New: Magnanites booster.
-Fixed: “Name Change Scroll” window has been updated for the new interface.
-Fixed: “Name Change Scroll” now updates the name correctly in the clan list. 

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