Version: 1.9.0 (Date: 2011/12/21)


-New: The game's user interface has been redesigned with new aesthetics and functionality.
-Modified: Warrior weapons from level 1 to 30 have been graphically revamped.
-Modified: Bows from level 1 to 30 have been graphically revamped.
-Modified: Allahed monument in Ignis has been revamped.
-Modified: The gate dividing the internal zone from the middle zone in Ignis has been revamped.

Gameplay / Content:
-New: Arrows are now infinite and are associated to a quiver. They can be bought at a merchant.
-New: Mage Bracelets. They bestow an armor bonus. They can be bought at a merchant.
-Note: Arrows in the world have been transformed into gold.
-Modified: Guards in spawn points have been doubled to prevent spawn camping behaviour.

Gameplay / Interface:
-New: Quick Access interface for quest objectives.
-New: Quests objectives can now be easily located on the map.
-New: Party information is now shown under the PC HUD.
-New: Quick access button for mounts. It shows a list of available mounts in each character's inventory.
-New: The compass has been replaced with a more functional mini-map.
-New: The game's map has been redesigned. Now it is a lot more accurate.

-Modified: UDP protocol messages have been completely phased out. Movement data is now sent via the game's main connection.
-Modified: OpenAL-soft (sound library) has been incorporated to the Windows client.
-Fixed: Issue that closed the client when capturing the screen.
-Fixed: Issue with the game failing to launch if any data file was bigger than 2GB.

-New: Santa Claus costume.
-New: The Grinch costume.
-New: Santa Claus Mask.
-New: The Grinch Mask.
-New: Christmas trees.
-New: Lucky boxes can now grant Mage Bracelets and infinite arrows for archers.
-New: Level 60 mastery scroll. It can only be acquired if the player already has a Lvl. 60 character in his/her account.
-New: Ximerin Gifting. In the spirit of the season, you can now gift Ximerin to your friends from the Premium Store at our website.

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