Version: 1.8.0 (Date: 2011/10/27)


-New: Dual Wielding. Barbarians can now equip an off-hand weapon to complement their main weapon.
-Fixed: Mages and Archers attack animations should no longer get stuck from time to time.

-New: Halloween Event (see description).
-New: New Cyclops models. Now each variant has its own distinctive look.
-New: New werewolves models for all variants. 
-New: Realm vs Realm achievement category added.
-New: Events achievements category added.
-New Achievements added for both new categories 
-Fixed: New icons for previous Achievements to help differentiate them.

-New: The structure dividing Alsius' initiation zone and its middle zone has been revamped.
-Modified: Lighting effects for all structures in the realms initiation zones have been improved.
-Modified: Brazier effects have been optimized to work in Fixed mode.

-New: Off-hand weapons for barbarians (swords and hammers in the current version). They can be bought from the proper merchants.
-New: Special shields, epic and magic, have been added to the creature loot. Also available in lucky boxes.
-Fixed: Warmaster short bows did not display the correct damage in the combat log.

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