Version: 1.7.6 (Date: 2011/6/30)



•Change: The "Horn of the Wind" power requires at least one (1) ally next to the caster present to be available.
•Change: The " Horn of the Wind "power's bonus has been decreased to 25%
•Change: Warmasters are not allowed to interact with their own offensive and defensive banners anymore.
•    Change: The "Offensive Beacon's” immunity bonus has been shortened. It now grants a 70% resistance against control effects.
•    Change: Offensive Banner now grants resistance to the "cannot move" effect.
•    Change: Cooldown for "Offensive Portal" and "Defensive Portal" has been bumped to 45 minutes.


•    Change: Mounts 'speed has been increased.
•    Change: The "Cannot Attack" penalty after dismounting has been reduced to 4 seconds.
•    Change: The penalty "Cannot Move" after dismounting has been eliminated.
•    Fixed: Spells staying with the caster for indefinite time.


•    New: "Devastated" state for realms has been incorporated (*see details).
•    New: "Devastated" realm´s players neither grant Regnum Points nor count towards the "The Path of the Warmaster" quest while inside their Realms border or its warzone.
•    New: A new resurrection altar has been placed inside each Realm. When the Realm is in the "Vulnerable" or "Broken Door" state its players will re-spawn from it.
•    Change: Gems location is updated in the map every 30 seconds (previously instantaneous).


•    New: NPCs eliminated during an invasion will stay that way until the end of the invasion. Some specific NPCs such as guards are excluded.
•    Change: The health for the noble NPCs from the "A precise Blow" quest has been increased.
•    Change: Participation /damage percentage for a player to be taken into account for an NPCs kill has been lowered to 2% (from 5%).  This will allow more players to participate in the same combat instance.

Client (Stability):

•    New: Messages from the server are now logged in the chat.
•    Fixed: The client closed abruptly in certain hardware configurations (Mac OS based systems).

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