Version: 1.7.5 (Date: 2011/6/15)



-Modified: Minor adjustments to the collision of the strong to prevent the players to stand in certain parts of the walls.
-Fixed: Error in the collision of the forts Trelleborg Aggersborg that allowed the players from the side walls of the fortifications.
-Fixed: Collision error in the Alsius wall that allowed players to climb it form a specific point.
-Fixed: Error that caused some players to be teleported out of the kingdom invaded during the same period of vulnerability.


 -New: Scenery and lighting in all fortifications
 -New: Event/Tournament "Mi kingdom for a t-shirt (or a mug)!" (see events section).


-New: The object "Tournament Clothing" is now available in the Premium Store.


-Fixed: Several stability fixes.

Client (Stability):

-Fixed: The lateral movement animations are no longer generated dynamically. This resulted in a significant drop in the performance of the client (FPS drop and / or blocking of the client) when new players entered the field of vision.
-Fixed: Error in memory system that could cause a client to close unexpectedly..

Client (gameplay):

-Fixed: No longer possible to send messages to the group when the player has been removed from it.
-Fixed: Error that allowed to create different characters on a same account.
-Fixed: Error that allowed to create characters from different realms within a single account.
-Fixed: increased speed of movement of the scroll for MacOSX.
-Fixed: Error in capturing screenshots in OpenGL (only affected some resolutions).
-Fixed: Error that caused the quality of the shadows in OpenGL - Shader Model 4 "is less than expected.
-Fixed: Objects remnants of the Easter event has been removed from the inventory of all players.

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