Version: 1.7.4 (Date: 2011/5/16)



-New: Forts 3D models have been revamped. Gameplay around these structures is similar to the previous version of them, however, the new design allows different gameplay strategies.
-Modified: Resurrection Altars, attached to each fortification in the War Zone (forts and castles) have been added.
-Modified: The Golden Dragon wish “There can be only one” has been improved.
-New: A new Golden Dragon wish has been added, it will give 5000 Warmaster Coins to all players that select the wish.
-Modified: The Warmaster Quest “A Precise Blow” can now be repeated once a week. L


-Modified: The rules of the invasión system have been restaurated to the previous versión.
 -New: Alternative entrance to all realms. Once a realm becomes vulernable, a ship will appear in the beach close to the wall of the attacked real. This vessel will be able to transport players from the attacker side within the inner side of the invaded real, creating an alternative entrance.
-New: Datable altars system. Each resurrection altar it’s related to a fortification. If this structure gets conquered by an invader realm, the altar will be shut down and the players of the defeated players will respawn on the wall of their own realm. The altars cannot be captured and used by the invader side.
New: Distinctive resurrection time. The resurrection time for the characters will remain on 8 second, except for castles and forts. In that case, the time was extended to 20 seconds.
-Modified: Due to the Resurrection Altars close distance with the fortifications, if a player is eliminated near that zone in the map, Regnum Points will not be discounted.


-New: System that deactivate the realm Gems during times of low population in the game world. The system doesn’t allow capturing the gems in predefined time schedules. During this time, the gems will be blocked by a visual effect.


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