Version: 1.7.2 (Date: 2011/4/14)



-Modified: General improvements to the code applied to stash system. This includes security check ups.
-New: Eliminated characters will be preserved in the server for 15 days. During that period, they can be recovered from the character selection screen.
-New: “Commerce” chat cannel within game realms. This system allows sending links of the objects players want to commerce. By interacting with the links, players will be able to see the tooltip of the objet.
-New: Independent commerce channels within each War Zone markets.

-Nuevo: After completing the required tasks of one quest, a “?” will show the position of the NPC who we need to interact to complete it.
-Corrected: Error that caused that the casting time of the Warmasters portals were inferior to 10 seconds.
-Corrected: Warmaster portal casting is interrupted if the caster is attacked.
-Corrected: Error that caused that the Warmaster portals wasn’t able to be used by more than 1 player.


-Modified: Re design of the Ignis volcanic zone.
-Modified: Arvanna’s ruins and bridges have been improved.
-Modified o: Ignis volcanic zone have been replaced by new models.

-New: NPC’s interaction and dynamic objects with the mouse right button.
-New: Interaction with inventory objects using mouse right button.


-New: Premium mounts. Three new horses now available in the three game realms.
-New: A button in the buy Premium option in the player interface has been added. It will automatically re directs to the Item Mall link in the Regnum Website or Gamigo. This action logs all players automatically on the game web site.

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