Version: 1.7.0 (Hotfix 1) (Date: 2011/2/24)



-Modified: The number of enemies required to kill in the Warmaster’s quests has been reduced from 50 to 30.
-Modified: The obtain experience by killing enemies has been increased x 4 (before was x 2) in relation to the obtain experience by a same level creature.
-Modified: The reset time for the daily quests has been adjusted to 3 AM GMT.
-Corrected: The participation percentage needed to obtain experience eliminating enemies has been adjusted to 5%. As in the previous version, to take experience from killing creatures still required a participation of 10%.


-Corrected: Error that cause, in some cases, the reset for all powers and disciplines with every level up.
-Corrected: Error that did not allow hunter to master creatures superior to level 50.    
-Corrected: Error that did not allow the correct reset for daily quests.


-New: Arrows from level 51 to 59 added for purchase in all woodworker shops located in all three realms central markets, located in the Conflict Zone.


-New: Server queue system. When the game servers are full, all players will receive a message in the game launcher to indicate that he who cannot enter in the game and now is a queue waiting list. This will eliminate the necessity of re logging in order to get into the game.

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